• It provides a Leak Proof closure, yet allows clearance when needed.
  • It simplifies the design of the structure & hardware.
  • It minimizes the need of close matching and fabricating tolerance.
  • It is not subject to compression set which negates effectiveness of other seals.
  • Our inflatable seal has very good inflation and deflation property on joint & nozzle.
  • Size of the seal is very accurate with tolerance of ±5% & can withstand 4 kg/cm2 pressure.
  • Our inflatable seals is uniform, so there is very less chance of bursting at recommended pressure.  Leak proof property at joint & nozzle
  • It makes the design of the structure and hardware more effective and simple
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  • The inflatable seals are manufactured in relaxed or deflated form similar to cycle tube.
  • The flat tube is accommodated between the surface and then deflated to provide perfect sealing.
  • We offer our customers inflatable seals with complete assembly.
  • FBD Inflatable Gaskets functions like a cycle tube. when inflated, it seals the bowl and ensures proper sealing


  • Powder & Bulk Solid handling machineries
  • Airlock door seals
  • Processing Equipment
  • Personnel access door seals
  • Food processing Equipment
  • Equipment hatch seals – Conveyors
  • Torus and wet well access hatch seals
  • Fluid Sealing – Refueling canal hatch seals
  • Robotics – Pool gate seals
  • Material Handling
  • Airlock shaft seals
  • Medical Sterilizers
  • Dry well head seals
  • Electronic/wafer semiconductor processing
  • Inflatable door and valve seals
  • Nuclear Door Seals
  • Industries for inflatable gaskets
  • Industrial Washing and Extractor Machines
  • Fluid Bed Dryers in Pharmaceutical application