• Reasonable for nonstop Operation.
  • Temp :- – 60º C to 220º C. (- 140ºF to 428º F).
  • No destructive lethal or physiological impacts.
  • Chemically to a great degree stable and for use with numerous acids and antacids.
  • Ozone, UV and Corona release Resistance.
  • Electrically protecting with dielectric quality 500 V/mil.
  • Low combustibility and low smoke.
  • Range:- In any hues From 1mm to any size according to client necessity
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  • SEVITSIL” offers wide range of Solid gaskets in different colours, shapes, sizes & hardness.
  • We manufacture all theses gaskets by advance technology curing system which ensure uniformity, dimension parameters & surface finishing


  • High temperature sealing applications; can be joined to ‘ O ‘ rings.
  • Food and medical equipment, machinery.
  • Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Machinery