Applications Engineer - Sevitsil - Solutions In Silicone


Need a little flexibility in your life? sevitsil is willing to work with you! Our production team has opportunities available on all three shifts, that might meet your scheduling and lifestyle needs.

At sevitsil , our production team is focused on safety, quality and the success of our family – including customers and co-workers. We work to produce high-quality, custom parts and we’re never afraid to try new processes to keep our company competitive. By joining our team, you’ll find that life as a Production Operator is more than just the “daily grind.” From troubleshooting to continuous improvement efforts and training, there are plenty of opportunities to become actively involved with the business.

Key responsibilities include:
  • Safety and continuous improvement efforts to increase efficiency, decrease waste/downtime and eliminate safety incidents
  • Production set-ups, runs and troubleshooting to produce high-quality products Quality checks through a variety of measurement techniques
  • Team work and coworker support to help with production needs and training
  • Customer-focused projects – including visits, lean manufacturing initiatives and cross-functional team work

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Need a little flexibility in your life?